Workout of the Day: 11/10/2016


Metcon/ Warm Up:

8 min AMRAP With your Partner:
On a Rower or a Bike

5-10-15 calories
Switching 1 to 1

Parnter A: completes 5 calories while partner B rest. Partner B now completes 5 calories. Then move to 10s. If both complete 15 then go back to 5s.

Metcon 2:

With a Partner:
10 Rounds (5 per person):
1 Plate Push (30 ft down and 30 ft back)
7 Deadlifts (275/205)
*alternating rounds with your partner
RX+ (315/225).
**18 min Cap

Accessory Work:

Not For Time:

Partner A: 10 Ab Roll outs on Rower (Feet go on rower, hands on Dumbbells on the ground...start in a Pike pOstion and slide your feet out behind you then back in
Parnter B: turkish Get Ups - 2 Per Arm

*Each person complete 4 Rounds of Each.

*Scale ab roll outs on rower with sit ups or V-Ups


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