Workout of the Day: 10/21/2016



15 Min to Build to heavy Clean!


AMWAP: 10 Minutes
1 Squat Clean
20 DUs
2 Squat Clean
20 DUs
3 Squat CLean
20 DUs
4 Squat CLean
20 DUS
5 Squat CLean
20 DUS

**Scale DUs with the same number of Singles to focus on the cleans not the jump rope, Scale Squat cleans with Power clean + Front Squat for those not comfortable squat cleaning.

This workout is for Weight not reps. Take your total cleans and multiple by the weight you used for your final score. You choose your weight. Going heavy may not necessarily be the smartest!
Male options: (205,185, 155, 135)
Female: (145,125, 105, 95)


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