Workout of the Day: 08/08/2016



Every 90 seconds complete 1 set for 6 sets:
1 Snatch + 2 OHS


8 min AMRAP with a parnter:
sled push + Farmer Carry alternating 1:1 with partner.
**The way this works Partner 1 starts and pushes sled to the first 50m drain. Take 2 25s off the sled and farmer (pinch) carry to 2nd drain and back to first drain where sled is sitting. Put plates back on sled and push back to to start. Then partner 2 goes and partner 1 rests.
RX plates on sled for Male is 1 45 and 2 25s. For Female 1 45 and 2 15s.

2 min Transition to switch AMRAPs ... MOVE QUICK!!

8 min AMRAP with a partner:
50 Handstand Push Ups and then in remaining time Max Effort Wallballs with a partner


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