Give It a "Rest"

I believe most people participate in or join a CrossFit gym to improve quality of life and become healthier. Many of us also enjoy the camaraderie or the social aspect and the challenge of the WOD so much that we want to work out day after day, sometimes up to 6 or even 7 days a week. Unless we are superman “aka” RIch Froning, this can actually work against us.

To stay healthy studies have shown that taking a rest day is as important as the food we eat and the hours of sleep we get each and every night. Our bodies (meaning our muscles, joints and even our mind) need rest, water and proper nutrition to become not only stronger but to also allow us stay healthy. Working out too many days in a row can hinder your progress and wear your mind and body down. This state of “under-recovery” can put you at a high risk for illness, injury or even “burn out”.


When muscles are sore and tired, our form on exercises such as deadlifts, cleans, pull ups and/or snatches (just to name a few) can get sloppy, and we all know sloppy form leads to injury.

The key is to listen to your body. When you wake up tired, sore and feel like you have no energy it is time for a rest day. A rest day does not mean you need to sit on the couch and cannot go to the gym. You can turn your rest day into an active rest day focusing on mobility which we could all us more of!

Mobility helps improve your movement and range of motion so you can continue to make gains during your workouts. Examples of active recovery would be rolling on foam rollers, working on flexibility with stretching such as ROMWOD or taking time to row or ride the bike easy.


Each athlete is different and requires a different amount of rest. There are many factors that come into play such as age, conditioning and health that determine how much rest an athlete needs. Our Coaches have a wealth of knowledge and are happy to discuss with you how many rest days per week you should be taking.

Our goal is to make you healthy and happy, with no injuries so you can enjoy a higher quality of life! Remember it’s your body and you have to take care of it.

The links below will provide you additional information on how much rest you need. Please take a look and feel free to ask questions.

Happy Training and "Resting" :)

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