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The coaches at CrossFit Polaris come from diverse athletic backgrounds and experience, but they all have one thing in common, they care. They are passionate and committed to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals each and every day whatever that goal may be. They are invested in taking care of you and take pride in helping you to enjoy life.  They just so happen to do so through functional fitness!

Kristi Eramo - Head Coach / Manager

Kristi has been involved with health and fitness ever since she can remember. In 2016 Kristi won the Central East CrossFit Open and then went on to finish as the 8th Fittest Female in the world at the 2016 CrossFit Games. Having explored many different types of fitness from Division I athletics, to group fitness classes, to endurance training, she is an avid believer in Cross Training. Kristi is passionate about CrossFit as a Coach and as an athlete and wants to make people’s lives more meaningful and purposeful through functional fitness. 

Julie - Coach

CFL1, CF Gymnastics,USAWL1 5 years coaching experience

Julie fell in love with CrossFit in 2010 after being an avid runner for years. Very quickly her passion for CrossFit grew, not only for herself, but also in helping others achieve their own extraordinary abilities. Seeing the confidence that is gained from someone accomplishing something that they'd never thought they would do is extremely rewarding.
The endless battle of personal improvement, hard work and challenge resonates strongly with Julie. She brings a passion for meticulous movement, shared community and the desire to make people move better in their day to day lives.
Julie has been a competitive runner, CrossFitter and now a 69kg lifter out of Rubber City Weightlifting in Akron, Ohio.

Liz - Endurance Coach

Liz has explored all avenues of fitness, from gym classes to the endurance world involving lots of running. Before CrossFit, Liz ran and she ran a lot. When asking Liz the best part of CrossFit she said "I love that feeling of you never “get there” that you are always trying to improve on your speed, your weight, your skill". There is always something to improve upon. Coaching for Liz is just as exciting as her own personal crossfit because there is nothing better than helping someone in class get their “first” of anything! 




Lauren's biggest passion in life is helping others through health and fitness. As a former collegiate golfer, Lauren was looking to stay active in an environment that had both an individual and team component. Once she found Crossfit, she was humbled by the supportive community, atmosphere, and heart-pounding workouts.
Through coaching, Lauren hopes to inspire others find their potential and support them on their journey to their best self.

Chris - Coach

Chris began working out at "globogym's" in September 1996 and discovered CrossFit in late 2009. It wasn't until CrossFit Polaris (CFP) opened in July 2012 that he really began incorporating CrossFit into his weekly workout regimen. CrossFit has not only provided the physical results for Chris, but has also made him mentally stronger. Things he previously thought unachievable are now done daily and this mental strength has helped him personally and professionally. Coaching is a way for Chris to give back to the CFP community for all that they have given him and a way for him to help the members achieve their goals, no matter how big or small!


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